Growing up, I didn’t have much and I ended up feeling insecure about myself. When I moved from the eastern cape to Pretoria I couldn’t really speak any English and the kids at school teased me a lot especially in English class during speeches and reading. I ended up begging my teachers to only do my readings and presentations after school when everyone was gone but I later realised that this wouldn’t work out in the long run because I can’t feel uncomfortable about being myself forever so I made the decision to take extra English classes where they taught me how to read and write and most importantly how to articulate because that was the part I most disliked about myself. From that point onwards, I decided to change whatever that I disliked about myself, not for anyone but myself. I have been in control of my life ever since, with more confidence than ever!

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My Secret is Nutrition

When I started this journey, all I wanted was to lose weight and tone up but as I continued with my challenge I realized the importance of nutrition. I now believe that the first question that one should ask when they see someone with a beautiful body is “what do you eat” because I really believe in the saying that says ‘’you are what you eat”. I wish a lot of people could understand the importance of nutrition, one does not only eat to look good but for health reasons too. Personally, at this point, I don’t eat for taste but for nutrition and my personal body goals.

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